VW RNS 510 upgrade FIRMWARE 5238 Video in Motion


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VW RNS 510 upgrade FIRMWARE 5238 Video in Motion
To see what firmware you have:
Hold setup button 4 sec and then Version...

Don't have the engine on and don't have the key in car when you do the firmware upgrade...super important!
It is good to have car charger, the upgrade take about 50min...

v5238 software update - with Video In Motion & TestMode enabled

Recommended to write on good brand CD as Verbatim at lowest speed accepted.

Disclaimer.: There is a possibility that the Music Data and Maps may get deleted from the HardDisk Drive, therefore you may need to reinstall your Maps DVD!

Be sure the DVD unit is not damaged and reading correct the CD/DVD medium.

I accept no responsibility for any damage.

Everyone can use firmware 5238 and newest maps
- You can always use firmware 5238 on any device from 2005 to October 2013 (with HDD). * Hardware C3-C12 *
- You can update directly to 5238 with no need for an update in between
This firmware has VIM & Testmode enabled ( Video In Motion)

After payment please provide an email and you will get via email link for dowload.

If anyone need other particular firmware for RNS510 feel free for ask if is available.

SOLUTION FOR ERROR MESSAGE - SWL CD detected but invalid clamp state

SWL CD detected but invalid Clamp State-please remove the CD and either
a) change the steam state to hour and re-insert the CD or
b) press any of the buttons to continue with normal operation.

A little tip, if the error message comes with "Clamp State invalid ... hour mode":

1. CD out
2. Ignition off
3. Hard Reset (press the two buttons to the left of the DVD tray + the right button to the right of the DVD tray)
or Soft Reset (press the two buttons to the right of the DVD tray + SETUP button)
4. Wait until finished booting up
5. Setup, system, time setting from 24 to 12h
6. SW CD in and off you go ...)

You will have to perform all the procedures correctly.
We are not responsible in case something goes wrong during the installation and damages your device.

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