Audi MMI 2g HIGH Software Update 5570 3 CDS pack


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Audi MMI 2g HIGH Software Update 5570 3 CDS pack
Audi MMI 2g HIGH Software Update 5570 3 CDS pack

Audi MMI 2g HIGH Software Update 5570 Update Pack cds


MMI 2G Software Update - Versions and Features

Europe 2120

Volume limit increased.

Navigation notifications are off while a phone call is in progress.

The volume of music is reduced during navigation notifications.

Navigate the arrow while searching for an IP.

Low-zoom map marking

Europe 3460

3D maps (bird's eye view).

Fixes CD players, radio tuner, amplifiers, bluetooth, TV tuner, DAB.

Europe 4220

AMI USB sources support.

Enhance user interface graphics.

Fixes for CD chaners, radio tuner, amplifiers, bluetooth, TV tuner, DAB.

Europe 5150 = USA 3360 = Russia 5540

AMI iPod compatibility

AMI support for ACC and WAV files over USB

Bluetooth handsfree fixes

Europe 5570 = USA 4610 = Russia 6030

Convenient switching between media sources.

Fixed for amplifier, TV tuner, MP3 CD changer, head unit.

Audi dropped support for MMI 2G software updates at version 5570, but continues to publish GPS maps for DVDs each year for this system.


Make sure you have Audi Multi Media Interface 2G (MMI 2G) in your car. Check details in article Audi navigation systems - MMI RNS BNS RMC differences.

Check you current software version and confirm that it is lower than 5570.

Navigate to CAR → SETUP → Version and check SW line. First 4 digits representing the current software version.

Update procedure can take couple of hours. It is important to eliminate any power shortage. If you are in poor condition, we recommend using the battery charger while performing this procedure.

Turn any unnecessary devices that can cause battery drain while the key is in the ACC position (HVAC system, interior and exterior lights, audio system, phone charger). During this procedure do not use any electrical accessories (electric windows, power seats, central lock, electric boot lid).

Take out CDs from the CD changer that's in the glove box or in the center console.

MMI 2G software update version EU 5150 / USA 3360 / Russia 5540 - procedure

It is possible to update to version 5570 only from software 5150 or higher. This step is necessary only if you are running a software version lower than 5150.

Turn the key to position II and wait for the Audi Multi Media Interface to start.

Load CD1 into the first slot in the CD changer.

Press and hold the SETUP and RETURN buttons.

After a couple of second hidden red menu will appear. Release the buttons.

Go to SWUpdate → CD-ROM. Update CD content will be verified. Audio will mute.

The list of devices ready for the update will appear on the screen. Scroll down to Start download position and confirm the update. This will take up to 40 minutes.

Once the update is complete, you will see the update status. Scroll down to restart the MMI and press it. The system will reboot and return to normal operation.

Remove the first MMI 2G Software Update CD from the CD changer.


MMI 2G software update bluetooth

This is only required if your car is equipped with a Bluetooth hands-free system.

Perform the update procedure twice using CD2.

You must do this twice when the first update procedure removes the memory of the Bluetooth device. it will actually install the new software the second time you run the CD2 update.


CD1 - upgrade to 5150

CD2 - Bluetooth Update

CD3 - Update from 5150 to 5570


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